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The Danger of Quitting

You can quit a lot of things, sometimes those things are good to quit, like smoking, and sometimes it’s bad to quit, like making healthy food choices. Today, I wanted to talk about the danger of quitting the good stuff – working out, eating right, and doing any of the activities that make you happy.

We go through these phases where we put effort and time into something we know is going to make us a better version of ourselves. I know I am not alone when I say that when you stick with that thing, you feel ah-mazing! A real on-top-of-the-world type scenario. Then one day, you don’t feel like doing it, you feel tired, your house needs some work, or you feel like enjoying your pugs 1st birthday party, and you stop. The key is to pick it back up after an unexpected interruption, but more often than not, we don’t. We quit.

Recently, I quit. I was working out every day, eating pretty well, and I felt so great! Then life threw a lot of negative things at me, and I took a few days off, then that turned into a week. Now, I have taken a full two weeks off, doing absolutely nothing. I feel low energy, sad, moody, and just unhappy with my daily activities.

I have been sick for over a week now, and today I had a spurt of energy and could finally breathe out of my nose, so you know what I did? Got my booty up, threw on my work out gear and pressed play on Dirty 30 (21 Day Fix) and did almost every single rep throughout the workout!!

I felt so proud of myself once the work out was completed, because halfway through I wanted to quit. I started to feel a little dizzy from all the sinus pressure, but I knew it wasn’t serious because I wasn’t exhausted in any way. I just remembered the way that I felt when I was working out every day and giving it my all. My family noticed a difference in my appearance after a few weeks, and then after a few months my friends did too. I lost a lot of progress since I stopped working out and eating right, and so I just had to remember why I started and how good it feels to see a change when you look in the mirror, no matter how small.

The danger of quitting is that when you quit something that is good for you, you lose that high that the endorphins give you. You don’t feel that daily sense of accomplishment, and personally, that’s not a place that I want to be. So, if you find yourself in a rut, unable to find the motivation to get back at it, know that you are not alone and you can do anything you set your mind to!

My coach reached out to me at a perfect time, it’s like she knew I was in a slump. She invited to join her and group of girls pushing to reach a higher status in the company. Now, I am challenging myself with the help of some fantastic women, and we are pushing towards our goals together! It’s eye opening because their struggles are the same that I have been facing, but together we keep pushing each other daily, and sharing our successes and it has got me pumped up!!

The point behind all of this is, if you find yourself quitting or wanting to quit, grab your best friend, a family member, your spouse, and have them keep you accountable for your goals. Ask them what goals they have, and push towards them together! It doesn’t have to be the same goal, you just have to know what each other is striving for and hold one another to it. If you quit, just get back on the wagon and continue crush your goals!!

Let me know what goals you have and I would be happy to help keep you accountable! Feel free to send me a message on Instagram or Facebook, and let’s slay it together!(:



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