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Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia is as sweet as a peach! I recently went to South Carolina and Georgia with my mom on one of her work trips and we got to stay in the heart of Savannah, near the Historic District, and I didn’t have a single peach! There were zero peaches to be found… 😦

There is so much history in Savannah, and while we only had a few days to explore, we definitely saw a lot! We did one of those cheesy ghost tours, filled with theatrics and a dressed up 1800s driver, and we ate and drank our booties off!

One thing you should know about me – I LOVE rooftop bars. I don’t care if it’s 15 degrees or 115 degrees, if there is a rooftop bar, I’m all over it. But I try to find the rooftop bar with the best view of the city, so I can really get a birds eye view of everything. Plus, if you are into people watching, it’s the ultimate perch.

This leads me into one of the best nights that we had in Savannah. My mom and I were looking for a place to grab drinks after we had a pretty great dinner at the Shrimp Factory, and we ended up at a hotel rooftop bar.

Top Deck Bar overlooked the Savannah River, so we watched cargo ships move in and out of Savannah for hours while snacking on hummus and sipping on some pretty great cocktails. This is also a great place to watch a sunset because this was probably one of the tallest buildings in Savannah and the view was completely unobstructed:


There were so many cranes in this city though, and not nearly enough buildings to justify it, but maybe they were for loading the cargo ships? Still unsure about my feelings on those cranes…

Any who! If you are looking for a nice dinner to splurge on, you can go to The Olde Pink House. Although, my salmon didn’t really blow me out of the water. My mom got pumpkin ravioli (yum!) but it seemed like it was either way under cooked, or like it was re-heated from the night before, either way it wasn’t great. My mom ended up sending her food back, and I finished mine because it wasn’t terrible, but it definitely wasn’t worth the price.


Savannah’s home grown restaurants are what really surprised me – the one’s that were hidden and didn’t hit the top 5 on Yelp, like the Shrimp Factory (above). If you are big on breakfast, then there is an adorable place that I stumbled upon and would highly recommend! My mom had never had a beignet (gasp!), so I immediately went on a hunt for these pastries around me, and I found them – enter Huey’s.

It was a cute river front cafe where I enjoyed a delicious egg white omelette with some fruit, and took some beignets to go for my mom and I to share! It was pretty good breakfast food, and they had just about every breakfast item you could want ranging from oatmeal and fruit, to a sky-high stack of pancakes and bacon!

I loved Savannah, and definitely would go back again! If you are looking for a romantic getaway in the states, want to refresh on some America History, or if you are a big Paula Deen fan, then Savannah is the perfect mini vacation for you. The best part is that the flights are pretty cheap, and everything is so close together that you can either walk, or Uber if you’re not about that walk life.

I hope you enjoyed this blog! Till’ next time.



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